Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Stars for Xmas

Hello everyone!

Before I start, just like to mention that my most recent video blog went up on Monday. If you have time to listen to a random knitter talk....

Now on to WIPs!  At fist glance this might seem like an FO post because I have already finished two of these stars, but because I plan on making GOBS of them to put on my Christmas Tree, I think they still count as a WIP!

The pattern is called stjarna, and the designer is Karolina Eckerdal. I'm enjoying this pattern, as I get to feel very clever when my worked in the round square shape suddenly develops points and starts to look start like :)

This project is going to be my Nerdology entry for R2 of Nerd Wars. The challenge is to explain how it relates to some other Nerdy thing that you enjoy (Wave your flag high.) For this challenge, I'm going to explain how I was a VERY nerdy anime geek and spent 5 years studying Japanese in college, this project specifically is linked to an anime called CLANNAD, where one of the female characters is obsessed with starfish and thinks that everything star shaped is meant to be that sea creature. It makes me smile thinking of how she would look at my star-studded Christmas Tree and see nothing but starfish! 

For more WIPs, check out Tami's!

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