Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overwhelmed WIP

Dear Blog,

Lately I felt as if I have an ungodly number of works in progress - 7 at current count - for me that's not even an abnormal number, but it just suddenly feels so humongous and daunting. I feel as if there is no way I could ever possibly finish them all, and I'm starting to feel frustrated and impatient.  Normally I'm a 'process' knitter which means that I just enjoy knitting for the sake of knitting - the finished object is just a neat bonus. But lately I've been the opposite. I just want things DONE.

So now I'm focusing on one project at a time, trying to knock each one out in turn. I'm focusing mostly the star blanket - not pictured, it's just a blob of blue and white ;) -
Trying to finish it so I can check it off the list and move on down the line. That saying, since I finished the Tenta Cowl a few weeks ago, I have ben woefully without a lace project, so I started a new one  -___-;;

I know! What was I thinking?  But I bought this yarn, specifically for this pattern last year during the Atlanta Shop Hop, and I've been dreaming about casting it on for MONTHS. I finally caved. The Pattern is Ictis by boo knits. The yarn is DIK Wisp in the Shy colorway.

Cheers! Don't forget to visit Tami's for more WIPs :)

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