Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Tenta Cowl

Hello everyone! Welcome, Thanks for visiting :)

It has been awhile, haven't been posting regularly. Something about the end of the year and winter and all this dark cold weather. Ick!

Anyway, I'm currently participating in an MKAL by Lily Go, The Tenta Cowl, so if you don't want spoilers, avert your eyes!

A Friend of mine told me about this MKAL back in December, and the absolute first thing that popped into my mind was "Tentacool???"  0.0

Yup. I'm that nerd.

 I already had some dark blue yarn (Fat Squirrel Fibers! ) and I knew I just HAD to knit this cowl with blue yarn + red beads.  It's darker even than tentacruel, but I'm ok with that. The visual connection is still pretty strong and it makes me HAPPY.

The 3rd clue came out last week, and I just couldn't keep up. I've had a bit of a cold and have been sleeping through most of my 'free time'. Finally managed to catch up today though. Only one clue left! I can't wait to finish and wear this thing :)

As always, check out Tami's for more WIPS!


  1. Lovely yarn, interesting creature. You never expect to learn about creatures from a knit blog. LOL!

  2. The beads are gorgeous! I haven't knit or crochet with beads yet, but I really need to give it a try.

  3. when you do beads, it really helps to have a .75 mm crochet hook ;)