Saturday, January 16, 2010

FO Profiler : Traveling woman

Hello blog.

Today I have for you the final installment in my trio of FO's. This project was a christmas gift (for me! yay!). I was gifted with two skeins of Knit picks imagination sock yarn, and so like any sane person I decided to knit a lace shawl with it.
Lace does not look great in variegated yarn. I'm a firm believer in solid and semisolid color-ways for lace, as they show off the patterns much much better and are simply more elegant looking. Despite this unwavering belief I knit my shawl with the decidedly verigated Frog Prince colorway. A fantastic mixtures of brownish greens that make it look a bit like camo print, with a splash of sea-foam green to put a fairy-tail twist into the mix.

Pattern: Traveling Woman
Yarn: Knit picks imagination hand painted sock yarn (1 skein or less )
Color : Frog prince
needles: Us 6
Cast on: December 26th '09
Cast off: January 12 '10

While knitting this pattern I made a few discoveries which I will now share:
1) I love lace
2) I love lace charts
3) I love yarn overs

I toyed with the idea of making the shawl larger and using both skeins of yarn, but I was afraid of making it *too* large and ended up just following the pattern as written. I did not even use the full skein, and looking back I think I could have done one extra repeat of chart A with delightful results. However I am content with the way the shawl turned out. It's not too small, just big enough to cover shoulders and back. I feel like I'll need to buy a pretty white dress to wear with it come spring.

The real question now is, what too do with the remainder of the yarn? What to do with 300 yards of fingering weight camo print? I had thought of doing a slouchy hat but didn't really like any of the patterns I found on Ravelry. So now I'm thinking maybe trying the Mermaid gloves?

We shall see. In the meantime I'm still working on brainmonster hat #3 and a new pair of socks :)

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