Friday, January 22, 2010

Too tired to knit?

Hello blog,

I had planned to be able to post triumphant pictures of a finished Jaywalker sock, joyous accounts of how I had cast on to the second of the pair, and elegant rants about my other love The dark mark scarf. I fully intended to have started and gotten at least 15 rows into the scarf by now. However, things have not gone according to plan. The Jaywalker stills needs to be kitchener stiched closed. Despite a firm rational understanding of how to do it, and knowing full well that it's not really that hard or that scary of a thing at all, I still deeply deeply dread kitchener stitch. I thought that I would start the dark mark scarf instead. I love that pattern and it would take the edge off of toe-finishing. However I seem to have completely forgotten how to do double knitting since my last go at the pattern. One side still has the purls poking through and the other side just looks like an incomprehensible mess; you can distinguish neither purl nor knit stitches, but only a snarly swirl of yarn on the back side. I've read and re-read the instructions multiple times, printed them, and come within a hairs breadth of highlighting them (maybe I should.) And yet I still can not find that crucial step that I am so obviously missing. Nothing is more frustrating than failing so miserably at a task that, in the past, you did easily in your sleep. I have no intention of giving up on this pattern, and I'm sure I'll feel remarkably dumb when I finally do realize what I've been doing wrong, but until then I've cast on yet another pattern. It's the Stacked Eyelet Cowl by Ami Madison. I'm knitting it using knit picks comfy sport in the most satisfyingly winter shade of green. The color is most excellent and the yarn itself is soft, and ever so smooth. I haven't really decide where I stand on cotton, weather I hate is passionately or delight in it, but I'm certainly loving this yarn to bits. Oh, and by casting on this I ended up on Ami's blog, and ended up reading the entire archive. Well written entertaining knitting and fiber blogs are getting kinda hard to find, but I enjoyed reading hers ^^;; OF course all of this to say that I may possibly be too tired, or too bored to knit. I've been listless all day. I don't feel like reading, or studying. Listening to music or audio books gives me head-aches, and there is nothing interesting to watch on hulu. So I've spent most of the day knitting in complete silence trying not to doze off. Sigh.
With any luck I'll have pictures and more satisfying tales of progress for you in my next post. So until then,


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