Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello Blog.

Five more days until school starts! Yup. I'm excited.
The second brainmonster hat has stalled.....I want to finish it but.... I can't stand the feel of the yarn. It's acrylic and when I bought it I said to myself "This is really nice acrylic. Way better than most of the stuff I've knit with in the past" But then Christmas happened, and I got knitpicks wool, and I knit casscade chunky alpaca and.... The acrylic just isn't satisfying me anymore. In order to procrastinate on the hat, I'm thinking about starting Dark Mark scarf #3 ^__^ in loyal black and green colors. But for now, I'll knit happily on my new sock.

Despite what I said recently about hating sock knitting and DPNS in general, after casting off of the nine-to-five socks I immediately cast on these Jaywalkers.
I bought this single skein of sock yarn at Maryland sheep and wool last year. I was broke and it was the only thing I purchased other than food. My only thought in buying it at the time was that it was really soft, variegated (which I thought would be entertaining) and in colors totally and completely different from what I normally knit.
I'm loving the way it's knitting up (although. shhhh, I'm not sure I got gauge, I' never checked!), it's not pooling, it's pretty, and basically I'm twitterpaited.

Progress is really smooth too. The Jaywalker pattern is so hugely popular that I knew I just had to try it, and I think I understand why it's such an addictive pattern. It's easy to memorize, simple, and yet satisfyingly complex-looking. These photos are only a few days old, but are already dated.
Yesterday I started doing the heel flap, and I expect to be turning the heel sometime tomorrow.

The sock and I are about halfway through the last season of star-gate SG1. Hulu, if you can hear me. Season 1 of atlantis? Pretty please?


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  1. Wow, that's progress.
    I'm impressed by how far you've gotten on your sock, too.