Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013

Hello 2013!

This post comes a *little* late, but I think it's still OK for me to wish everyone a happy new year. I started mine right by ending 2012 on the right foot.

The Vampire Boyfriend Socks.
Started : 7OCT11
Finished : 30DEC12
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed
Needles : Silver 0US

Yarn : Decent for the price. Soft. Splitty. I used one skein per sock (with left overs) and only discovered afterwards that they were radically different dye lots. I'll own up to that seriously basic knitting error. My Bad.
Pattern : Good, Love the concept. Chart easy to read and instructions clear. You have to seriously love cables to knit this on tiny needles though.
Why It took Over a Year : Knit the toe of the first sock two inches too long and grafted it together. 'Nuff said. All that stood between me and completion on the 30th was unraveling the toe and re-knitting about 30 rows....

Having cast off the bad knitting vibes from 2012, I spent New Years swatching and ball-winding, hoping to gain favor with the knitting gods...

And today I cast on Juneberry.

I feel good. It's been in my queue since the pattern was released in 2010.

And since it's New Years, here are my knitting goals for 2013.
The first one is simple (and mostly done). Re-do the queue to only include stuff that I already have the yarn for or that I plan on buying the yarn for soon. It's to help de-stash and prevent (wasteful) yarn spending.

Knit the following.

- a real honest to goodness wearable sweater. Hopefully This One in a blue or green shade of cascade.

- More and bigger lace shawls. At least one in silk. Also for the love of god stop impulse buying variegated lace! Find a reliable source of nice solid-color lace weight yarn.

- Alternative natural fibers. Try out Silk, Bamboo, And Cotton. Potentially as a fingering/DK weight cardigan.

- Spinning. The spinning wheel thing keeps getting pushed back due to unavoidable budget constraints. *cough*stupidcarandbuyingahouse*cough* But I have my drop spindle back, so spin the BFL with that. Maybe by the time I finished it I'll have the wheel to spin my other two fiber club braids with.

I think that's pretty doable. Don't you?

P.S Also, crochet something.

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