Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bloggable Bags

Hello and welcome to another WIPW post!  If you've come to me from Tami's, hi! Welcome :)  I'm recovering from a bit of a bloggers dry spell and since I've already shown you the Bramble shawl a bajillion times, and since it still isn't done looks the same, I guess I will distract you with random photos!

I've been catching up on the Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast, and by catching up you should understand I mean watching them all from the first episode in order. Hello. I'm crazy. But anyway, I started getting a little jealous because she has all of these cute project bags, and each project has it's own bag so they don't get all tangled up and the pattern for the project you want is easy to find. Now, I'm too cheap to buy these things I and I don't have a sewing machine. So, bags pictured above?  They are the pull string cloth bags that   bed-sheet sets come in. You know, the cheap ones sold at Wallmart and Target?  They make perfect project bags.

The red one contains my beaded lace cowl and the plaid one has my spinning WIP. I might have mentioned this before but there is an Alpaca farm 11 minutes from my house. I know right????  It's my first time spinning Alpaca (I have 2 ounces of it ). Not sure what to think. On the one had it's SUPER soft, like a bunny, BUT the fiber is on the hairy wiry side, so it feels like I'm holding a cloud of super soft dog hair. which is both pleasant and icky at the same time for me (not a dog person. ) 
Anyway, I'm about halfway done, and I think I want to do it as a two ply, but I'm not anticipating having enough yardage to actually knit anything. Just kinda want to get a feel for what Alpaca is like to spin! 


  1. I like your project bags. Unfortunately, sheets are not sold in bags in Switzerland. Have a nice week. Regula

  2. My kind of bags! Thanks for sharing.