Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Enthusiasm WIPS

Hello everyone,  Have I got some WIPS today!
I'm happy to say that an awful lot got done in the knitting department this past week!
First, I got this awesome package in the mail.

All I needed was one tiny little crochet hook to do beads with, so it makes perfect sense that I had to buy other things in order to make the $4 shipping worthwhile, right?  In addition to the .75mm crochet hook I got a 40" pair of US00 ADDI Lace circulars, and a little gauge pendant  that is for SOCKS AND LACE.

This means that the smallest size it measures is a 6-0   (that's SIX zeros. ) and the biggest size is a US6. Perfect for me because the smallest size my regular Susan Bates gauge can measure is a US0 and I need at LEAST US00 for most socks!

Speaking of which, great progress has been made on my jeweled cowl with the adaptation of the crochet hook. Up until now I've just been using one of those wire beading needles and they are such a pain to use. Not only are they tiny and practically invisible if you drop them on the floor, they are super bendy and break easily! Not only that, as someone with a slight oral fixation, I have had the bad luck - on more than one occasion - to have stuck it in my mouth only to get it stuck on my tongue! (literally, I lost a piece of my tongue pulling it out. Am I over-sharing right now?)
Anyway, the crochet hook is a huge help, it makes the whole thing super quick and easy, and honestly I don't know why regular craft stores don't carry them.  I had to order it on-line because the big name craft stores near my house persist in only carrying the larger more standard sized needles and hooks. But it's totally worth it and I don't know why I waited so long to do so!
All that said though, the jeweled cowl is almost done but I'm not expecting to be very thrilled with it as a finished project. It was fun learning to do beaded lace, but I made too many mistakes on it, didn't pick appropriate yarn for the project, and in general don't see myself ever wearing it. Oh well, I'm still going to finish it, too close to stop now!

Not to end on a down note, my friend and enabler got me started on doing two-at-a-time socks yesterday.  This technique is something I'd heard of but never tried, and I am loving it!  Seriously, I was like a kid with a new toy when I cast on yesterday. Knitting relaxing fun patterns is great and all, but nothing gets my blood rushing more than working on something new and challenging!  I decided to play it safe and am doing the "practice" sock in two different colors of worsted weight yarn, so while it is really really challenging, I wouldn't say it was "hard" just yet (granted I haven't done the gusset yet...)
However, I'm thinking about what it would be like to knit this way with sock yarn, with both socks being the same color.... and it frightens me a little. That my friends, is the holy grail of weeping-in-the-dark difficult knitting. I can't wait to try it.

What extremely complicated knitting technique is your favorite? What would you like to learn?

Sock knitting is getting so main stream! I had no idea they sold these things in craft stores now. Found this in a hobby lobby. What do you think? Cool, or lame? Should I try it?

As always, check out Tami's for more WIPS!


  1. I've learned the two-socks-in-one technique at VKL in Chicago from Kate Atherley. It's a great way to get off the second sock syndrom. I tried it at home with a variegated sock yarn. I wouldn't recommend it with a solid color for both socks. I've managed to finish it and I'm happy that I learned a new skill. BTW my knitting friends were deeply impressed by this technique ;-) So you do a good job learning it first on worsted weight baby socks!

    PS: a sock loom is a no go for a real sock knitter

  2. What a great package. I'm definitely one to order enough to qualify for free or cut-rate shipping :) I'm not sure how often I'd be knitting socks on anything less than size 0 ... unless you had really thin fingering weight. As for the sock loom ... nah ... unless you are planning A LOT of vanilla socks.

  3. What does the pattern say you do for the gusset?? How do you do decreases? Do you have to take stitches off and rearrange them? These are things I can't wait to read you blog about :)

  4. Been hooked on two at a time socks for a couple of years now and I've adapted single sock patterns to fit, I just turn the pattern upside down and, believe it or not, it works! Congratulations on learning something new!