Friday, September 27, 2013

FO to the MANX

Hello! How are you today?  I'm doing pretty good. Preparing for Shop Hop and the start of Nerd Wars, so My WIPs have been rather light this week. I did, however, finish some spinning!

This is 8oz of Manx Loaghtan from GnomeSpunYarn. I split it up and spun it on to three bobbins in order to do a traditonal 3-ply.   Result is a very springy smooshy worsted weight yarn (10 WPI). It's exactly what I wanted to spin so I'm pretty stoked. In retrospect, the plying twist does seem pretty loose. I like it (its fine, not falling apart or anything, plenty of store bought yarns are plied this loose ), but I wonder what effect it will have on the wearbility. I'm pretty sure more twist = more durability. 
I got a bit over 400 yards so I'm hoping to do a simple garter stitch hat + mittens with this ^^;; 

Despite careful planning, weighing, and use of math, I still ended up with a bit of extra on one bobbin. I'll chain ply it just for some back-up yardage. 

This yarn was my first entry in Malia's New to You SAL. I hope to do at least one more, it runs until the end of October. 

Check out Tami's for more FOs! 


  1. Lovely color...I wouldn't know where to begin with spinning my own yarn! It looks very daunting to me.

  2. That color is really nice and autumny. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. That bit on the end is SO annoying, isn't it? I have some stuck on a bobbin that has prevented me from spinning for SIX MONTHS because I don't know what to do about it. I'm gonna go have a google of chain plying right now.

  4. Very nice. I hope to get into spinning one day soon.