Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIP Madness

Hey guys, how are you?  

I’m GREAT.  Why? Because September is almost over >.< September has not been a good month for me so far, but there is a light at the end of the month! If you know anything about Nerd Wars  you might know that Tournament 9 starts October first, and I’m going to be playing!!! It’s my first time participating and I’m super excited ^_^ I will be joining my current favorite nerdery, Team Tardis!
September is the Month-off between the end of T8 and the beginning of T9  and there is a mini game – CUTE ARMY OF DEATH  (death part may have been added by me. ) Goal is to knit/crochet as many cute creatures as possible.  I’ve spearheaded Team Pumpkin Spice and am creating an Army of pumpkins! BWAHAHAHA!

 If interested please join me as one of my pumpkin crafting minions. To keep from boredom I’m using these four different patterns:

Just a note, if you are following my other WIPS:

Demask : Zero progress
Renegade : I’ve started the moss stitch but it seems waay too lose. Must consult with designer, may frog back to the ribbing and add some decreases.
Dongo : Zero progress, the cool pattern I bought has a new crochet stitch in it that I’m struggling with
MKAL : As I write this, I still haven’t finished clue 2 even though the 3rd clue comes out  TOMORROW.  It’s been a rough week. But I only have 14 rows to go and tomorrow is still a day off. I CAN DO THIS!

That’s all for today. Check back on Friday for my latest FO. Spoiler alert, it’s a hat ;)
Until then, check out Tami’s  for more WIPs!


  1. Love the colors on your pumpkins, and I hope your October is better than September has been!

  2. Aww, Thank you. You are too sweet :)