Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say....

Hello blog!  How are you?

Today I'm cooking a new recipe - or I should say, I'm editing one. I'm taking the Pot Roast recipe I made last week and doing the same thing except with chicken. Smells good!  Anyway, Today's post is almost completely about pumpkins!

I'm Crocheting/knitting pumpkins for Team Pumpkin Spice (Decoy Army! Unite! ) It's for a fun little game people over at Nerd Wars are playing until T9 starts :) 

Got sick of knitting with my scrap bulky/sport weight yarn, so I went out and got some pumpkin colored worsted weight today. Also, I *may* have recently been gifted a sewing machine for my birthday, (Thanks mom and dad! XOXOX ), so I got the first tiny bits of supplies to start learning how to spin sew!  I'm sure Amanda and I will be making a Jo-Ann Fabrics run for supplies in the near future and I'll be getting even more of a fabric stash :) 

As always, check out more creative WIPs at Tami's :)


  1. Your pumpkins are adorable! I am also in a pumpkin making mood. Love the fabric you bought. :-)