Monday, September 9, 2013

Snails’ Pace

Hello blog, how are you?

I’m good. It’s still pretty warm outside, but the humidity is dropping fast. I’ve had to whip out my chap stick and nasal spray, and soon I can tell I’ll be doing my daily body lotion routine. I know, ridiculous, right? It’s not even really Autumn yet but I’m already starting to dry out.  My computer can feel it too, it was emitting an alarming burning smell this morning so I turned it off and left it for a few hours, now the smell is gone but everything is loading sooooo slowly, I know it’s my computer and not my internet connection. Grr! 

Anyway, kind of appropriate because today’s post is a crochet FO! 

By FreshStitches,
Random sport/dk  acrylic  with a G hook.

I knit it for Stacy’s Tiny-a-long, which lasts until September 18th. So if you are reading this now you can still make something to enter if you hurry! I’m still a  newbie crocheter and this project took me 4 days to do… But it’s not like I was working on it for long periods at a time, you know? I’m sure if you just sat down and did this you could pump it out in a day. Plus most people seem to be using sock yarn or even thread for theirs, so if you did that I’d bet it would go even faster!

I think it’s kinda cute, don’t you?

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