Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hard choices

Hello Blogverse, Theo here. 

Today I'm having a bit of trouble. I recently got some giftcards as an Easter present, and I fully intended on using them to buy yarn for Hey, Teach! the cardigan I've been planing to knit this summer. The trouble is that I had wanted to order knitpicks comfy in the lilac color, and it's sold out! I don't want to wait until July to order, I'd like to have this project to be knitting during midterms, (because there's so much stockinette stitch, it'll be very relaxing. Just what I'll need! )  The problem is I don't really care for the other color options. I want a bright, cheerful color but the colors are either too bright like October, or Marlin, or else they are too pastel for me, like the honey dew. I also don't want to get a dark color because.... spring should be lighter, right? I let Sixer talk me out of ordering the chocolate brown color , so for awhile I was considering blackberry..... but after all I think that's too dark too. So now I'm thinking about the silver sage....  I don't know what I'll do. Choices, choices! 

I'm also going to order some Shine sport weight to try to do the snowball's chance in hell arm-warmers.  I hope that the cotton knits up OK for gloves. I'd have preferred wool, but the exact color I want is in the shine sport, so that's what I'm getting.

Anyways, I've been wanting to try this pattern for ages but I couldn't wrap my head around the duplicate stitch. For some reason I just couldn't get it, no matter how many diagrams, tutorials, and even videos I watched explaining how to.  However the other night I ran across a blog post by purlbee that changed everything. It's the most amazing tutorial for duplicate stitch ever and I feel really empowered now. Thanks for that! 


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