Wednesday, April 22, 2009

soul of disaster

Hi Blog. Theo here. I'd like to report to you a tragedy. Brace yourselves.

So, I 'turned the heel' today, I was really excited because it's a big step and all, I read and re-read the instructions (unfortunately they are a bit vague, the pattern has already been unfortunate in other places as well) . I even watched two different videos on how to do it first.
so I get to the part where it says "knit the instep in pattern, p1 k4" and (after desperately googling to find out witch part of the sock the instep is. Seriously, is that common knowledge among normal people? ) I notice that in order for the pattern to show up on the outside of the sock correctly, I now have to k1 p4 - directly inverse of what the pattern states. Now, I know what your thinking, little red flags should have gone up at this moment, that yellow triangle hazard sign should have flashed passed, but no, no, I had to wait until I had crossed the instep and picked up the other side of the gusset to notice.

Do you see how in the top photo, there's a little row of bumps? A rather attractive row that rises above the knit stitches? That is showing up on the inside of my sock. It should be on the outside. How did this happen? I'm sure I followed the pattern correctly, but at some point I must have turned the sock one too many or two few times, and now I get to experience the joy of tinking back all of those little stitches and starting from scratch. This is a mistake too huge even for 'good enough' person like me to ignore. However (and rightly so, I think. ) I am way too mad to start this task now, so I'll fume for the rest of the night, read my Kanji book, and day dream about picking up a more intrinsically easy and relaxing hobby.

Until next time

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