Friday, April 17, 2009

One sock, and Post Harry Potter Recovery Knitting

Hello, Blogverse. Theo here.

Yeah, I know. It's my third post in one day. But, Shh! don't tell anyone.
I have two things I want to share with you. The first is my Sock-in-progress, and the second one is a little knitting project I'm working on in honor of the upcoming Harry Potter book 6 mutilation flick. (Yeah. Wow. maybe I should tone down that negativity...) 

First up : The sock. 

It's my 'first sock', and by that I mean, after doing a small-scale practice sock, knitting a mary-jane slipper, and completing a pair of socks in DK weight on size 7 needles; I am NOW knitting a sock with actual sock weight yarn. For the first time.
As you may have deduced by now I am  recovering from tragic sockphobia
I'd like you, dear 'verse, to witness my emergence as a bona-fide sock knitter, when the time comes. And that time is quickly approaching. 

Yarn : berroco comfort sock
Needles : US 1

so far so good. Almost ready to 'turn the heel' my palms get sweaty at the thought...

Second : Post-Harry Potter Recovery Knitting.

Yes, I am in Post-Harry Potter Recovery. What does that mean? It doesn't mean that I read Harry Potter once and am now trying to recover from it, or that I was once a rabid fan and am now trying to pretend I don't know who Ron Weasly is. What it is is recovery from the lack of Harry Potter.  With the exception of the 7th book, I have read all other copies at least twice, many of them three or four times, and my favorite, (book three ) seven or eight times. Now that there are no more Harry Potter books to look forward to I am at a deep loss. Do other books even exist? Are they worth reading? How many times can I re-read the series in one year and still be considered sane?  I am slowly, but surely, recovering from the absence of Harry Potter from my life. Slowly, but surely, erasing habits like, the constant urge to say "What house are you in? I'm a Ravenclaw!" at parties, or the desire to quote "nit witt, blubber, odment, tweak!"  while nodding sagely.  

Now, there is one obstacle to my path of recovery and that is the Harry Potter Movies. There are still two more left and despite my (rather strong and negative) feelings about this form of HP media, I have loyally been at every midnight showing, and plan to see the movie version through to the bitter end. 
Of course, you can't go to a midnight showing without some sort of fan wardrobe, I am planning on knitting myself a purple-and-black Dark-Mark scarf. I've knit this scarf twice already and while lovely, I would prefer a more in-your-face obvious design, therefor I have been experimenting with transforming the illusion-knit chart into one suitable for double knitting. 

All I need now is the yarn.



  1. Uh, hello. Thanks for inviting me to the blog-warming party.

  2. Actually, For a ravenclaw,I really like those colors. And, of course, their sweetness contrasts nicely with the image of a skull.

  3. I agree about the colours. The main thing for me is the worsted is too thick, so I really want to knit this with DK yarn.