Sunday, April 26, 2009

Snowball's Chance Summer armwarmers

Hello Blogverse, Theo here.


My knitpicks order came in today. Two projects worth of yarn, for Hey Teach! (Guess which color I picked.) and for the Armwarmer Project.


I've already started swatching for the arm warmers, but there's a lot of anxiety. Me and math don't really mix well and in order to do this project you have to measure your arm and put in all these numbers. What if I finish it and it ends up not fitting??? Uggh. Angst.

Anyway, I'd love to start swatching for Hey Teach!, but I've got to wait for my knitting buddy to get her yarn together so. Meh. Also, went to Michaels looking for yarn for my HP scarf but the only color they had in the red heart sport weight were pink and green. Pretty but Meh.


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