Friday, April 17, 2009

New blog

Hello Blogverse. I am Theo. That's not my real name, that's my nick name. Theo. Nice to meet you.
I am a knitter. I already have a blog, but it's my personal blog. Knitting can be pretty personal, so I generally post about knitting on that blog. Plus, until recently I didn't really knit enough to need a separate blog for it. I still don't knit extremely allot, because I'm a college knitter, and even though knitting is good for procrastinating and reducing stress, it's bad for studying and grades in general. However, summer is coming up (MS&W. Zomg. ), and that means not only will I soon have oodles of time for knitting, it also means final exams. Final exams always make me knit. ALOT.

So, from here on out I'll be documenting my knitting triumphs and trials on this space. Thanks for stopping by and witnessing my madness.


PS. I'm on Ravelry too.

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