Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crochet or Die

Hello all, Today's WIPW post needs a bit of an introduction.
I am a knitter. I've been knitting for a long time and I love knitting. I'm also a dabbler. I can't stand seeing someone do something crafty without at least finding out the basics of how it works. So I've had an on and off again affair with crochet. One of my BFF's Crochets, she's bought me a few crochet books and patterns, and occasionally, due to her influence, I've knit masses of random unrelated granny squares, and once, even a hat.

I want to get better, but unlike with knitting, every time I start a crochet project I have to re-learn all the stitches. And the patterns in the book I have are all knit with difficult types of yarn, like lace weight, or ribbon yarn. So I want to make sure I really have stuff down before I start. Plus it's all charted in that book, and crochet charts still look like black magic to me!

All that being said, I promised myself I would try to knit crochet This Hat after I finished Aaron's socks. (Finished, btw, photos on friday. )

But I wanted to practice the stitches first, which meant granny squares. Last week on WIPW I read about a bunch of crochet projects that other people were doing that inspired my granny square choices.

Yarnknitreadlit got me started with granny square CALS and a cool plaid crochet blanket
Little Bird knits  is doing a weekly granny square pattern. So is
8th Gem
Mixedmartialarts introduced me to this pattern, which I am now obsessed with!

So, to make a long story short. I've been making Granny Squares using leftover sock yarn and a 3.50 MM crochet hook.

I also finished the band for the hat :

The puff stitch is so relaxing I can't put the thing down!


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  1. I'm learning to crochet as well and have been doing blanket edgings for about a year. I can't bring myself to do granny squares, so was at a loss about what to do next. Then I found an easy scarf pattern and can recommend it. I hope the link works

  2. I do the same thing. I have a pile of granny squares that someday may become a blanket but knitting is my first love.

  3. I've had a mild flirtation with crochet myself, I've done a couple of crochet edgings on shawls, and made a necklace chain. Eventually I want to do a little more, though. One day, right? We'll get to master all of the crafts.