Thursday, January 10, 2013

Knit Knight

Today's WIP highlight is the Masonic Lodge socks.
I started knitting them on Saturday. Got the cuff done and memorized the pattern for the leg and then set them aside. (No point wasting an easily memorized pattern on a weekend). On Monday I knit the whole leg at work, and then at home I tried to finish the heel flap and gusset. I couldn't get it all done in time, however, and not wanting to deal with that fiddlyness at my desk, the Zombie Vixen Mitts went to work with me on Tuesday and Wednesday instead.

I did have a pretty serious moment of panic doing the heel flap, where for several minutes the instructions for continuing the pattern looked like complete gibberish and I was very upset. Fortunately the moment passed and then everything worked out ok.  The long and short of it is that today I knit the first 4 inches of the foot, and only have 3 inches left before I start the toe decreases. I think I'm making pretty good progress on these.

Another kind of cool thing about this project; I think I'm finally getting the hang of turning the heel and the gusset! I could almost but not quiet do the whole heel from memory, which was kind of cool. I had the instructions on hand but I found myself regularly anticipating the next step and then just double checking with the instructions to make sure I was right.  Pretty sweet.

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