Monday, January 7, 2013

WIP Report

I got a whole lot of knitting done this past weekend.

Finished the right Zombie Vixen mitt and cast on for the Left.

Cast on a new pair of socks. Masonic Lodge The yarn is Shibui sock in the color midnight. I'm a little pleased with myself because Yarn Harlot just finished a pair of socks in the same yarn and color-way (I already had the yarn in my stash). Not that I'm stalking her projects or anything... no....

Anyway. I'm knitting these for Aaron to placate his frequent sweater inquiries. It's going to be fun knitting for size 10 feet!  I'm really loving this pattern because it's so simple that I can knit the leg at work without really having to pay much attention, but it's interesting enough to still be somewhat stimulating. Not sure but the color might be too dark for the cable to really show up much. But subdued is manly, right?

And lastly, the Juneberry shawl is progressing rapidly.

Finished chart C on Sunday night and thought "Woah, all I have is chart D and the knit on edge. Darn!" After which I promptly put it down and started knitting something else. A project and yarn combo this delicious doesn't happen every day, and I definitely plan to savour it a little before binding off!

Of course, I'm only on my 2nd of a total of 4 balls, so logic says that I still have a ways to go. Still. You can never be too safe!

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